To the Octagon yo

If Paris were summer then New Zealand would be, no doubt, the coldest winter ever. But hey, if you’re in one of the most wonderful, mountainous, sheep infested countries, you’d be an idiot not to trade in those Louboutins for some saucy Merrells and a fancy pic snapper. But of course the kiwis are also infamous binge drinkers and the nightlife, which wasn’t quite Berlin, was bumping. While I was staying in this slap-your-face beautiful country, I made sure to make my mark as a weirdo.

Pictured below is me and my soul mate Nikki.

Style inspo- Travelling back to the sixties after too much Moscato, ft. Side boob and bowling shoes


shirt: free people (thanks Macy’s sales)

jeans: American Eagle

shoes: Vans ($20 from urban, but got made fun of constantly, what else is new)

glasses: some weird ass Dunedin, NZ thrift shop


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