Athletic at Being Rude

A few weekends ago, one of the clubs that my roommate is in hosted a party at our humble abode. It was slightly stressful and someone changed the playlist that I put on to something similar to the Billboard Hot 100 but all in all went well, thankfully. EXCEPT this one random boy that’s been hitting me up and who I really gave no attention to because he was kinda annoying and dumb was there. And guess what? He had the nerve to make out with some random girl in my own house. Which, yeah, I get it, I never answered him, but after a few beers this annoyed me. So naturally I walked up to him and was like “wow you’re so gross,” because I’m mature, I guess. Anyway, the theme here was “sports” so this is what I put together. Also, any suggestions for working up the nerve to ask your roommates to take a pic of you? I know they wouldn’t judge me, but still. I’m just awko tako.

Outfit inspiration: Sportsy and Extra.


T-Shirt: FUN FACT! My dad used to play on the team against the Harlem Globetrotters and when I was a wee girl, some of the Globetrotters that my dad was still in touch with sent me this shirt for my birthday!!

Jacket: Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange PGH

Shoes: Stan Smiths via Platos Closet Dickson City!

Tequila Fashion

This past weekend we celebrated the 22 birthday of my oh-so-dear, cheesy-dan sandwich partner that loves Miley Cyrus and dancing on the reg/ ramen noodle connoisseur friend, Kelly! Woo. Naturally we went to a bar called Tequila Cowboy that specializes in special mix of Black Eyed Peas and modern country. Perhaps my aesthetic that strays further into the lands that country boys and girls dare not venture (for their own good) didn’t fit in well with the theme, but that didn’t stop this cowgirl from getting down and dirty.

Inspiration: A Pink, Punk, Mountain Climbing, Cruella Deville.

(Also, shout out to my sister for these damn awkward photos of me)


bodysuit: American Apparel (silver not online )

shoes: Urban Outfitters from forevs ago

jeans: American Eagle (similar)

jacket: Me mum

flannel: some Bass outlet store by my house


Sorry for the double post, but my throwback outfit post that I put up last night didn’t go through (thanks WordPress app, 2 stars 4 u). But here is my New Years Eve outfit.

Some friends and I forked up the $100 dollars for a NYE ticket to Fieldhouse in Philly. After taking the train into center city, I hopped straight to the open bar for a Jack and Diet Coke- my drink of the night despite the fact that whiskey turns me into some overconfident psychopath. Unfortunately, the bar used disposable plastic cups, which drunk me (and, evidently, sober me) found appalling. I begged the one bartender to keep refilling my cup instead of using a new one, which I think he appreciated given that whenever I’d come back, he’d remember my order and smile while shaking his head. Of course this cup scandal led me to preach to everyone in the bar how problematic the large amount of wasted plastic was on the environment. Maybe I made a difference, maybe I was annoying, perhaps we’ll never know.

The combo of the NYE excitement, too much Jack Daniels, DJ ‘Rek’d (fuck you for not playing my request), and my eye sparkles lead to an unforgettable night of awful dancing, awkwardly hitting on boys/ awkwardly walking away, and Wawa mac and cheese GOD DAMN! Anyway, the night was topped off with some girl telling me that it was “so cool that I’d wear comfy sneakers that totally looked awful with my dress” and some creepy old guy on the train scolding my friend to fix her shirt. Happy 2017, yall, hope the beginning of your new year was just as weird as mine!

Style Inspo: New Years sparkly un-chic, with comfy, unmatching shoes (I GUESS)

Not pictured: the globs of glitter on my face (iPhone cameras)

Dress: Brandy Melville- PacSun

Lace Shirt: Free People

Shoes: Stan Smiths- Adidas (but found at Plato’s Closet!)

Socks: Nike- My brother’s closet

Choker- Not sure the brand, but bought from my sister at the Daisy Collective in Scranton, PA.

Purple Lipstick: Katy Kat Matte- Cosmo Kitty, Target

Drink: Jack and diet coke (don’t usually drink diet but too much sugar and alc makes me vom)

Friend: Caroline

Flume[Doom] Sparkles

Over the summer, I had the pleasure to see a Flume show at Stage AE with some frands in Pittsburgh. I started the day out by piercing my cartridge (now infected and gone) and sunbathing in the backyard with some sweet, boxed wine. When it was time to bounce, I was a little tipsy and transformed into a futuristic lady with glitter, rhinestones, and a silver bodysuit- oh and my favorite pink glasses that I managed to lose later in the evening. Wahhh.

On my way to my friends I copped some summer shandy, sipped it generously, and hopped in an uber to a pretty weird, sweaty night dressed like a motherfuckin alien.

Pro tip- wear sneakers/tennis shoes/whatever you call em for maximum dance ability.

Inspo: an intergalactic alien babe that makes crop circles and stole some farm girl’s shorts (shorts not pictured, but they were def interesting). But feel free to make fun of my weird as fak face.

bodysuit: american apparel

choker: forever 21

Halloween’s Not Til October

I guess if you decide to wear cat ears to the bar, drunk people get scared that they missed Halloween or something… even if it’s early September. “Is it Halloween?”- a question I was asked several times during the course of the evening. “No, why?,” I’d reply quite staunchly. See, a cat eared headband shouldn’t be reserved for just one day a year. It’s an accessory that turns any boring outfit into a “look at me! I’m weird” one. I guess.

(P.S., the ears made more appearances throughout the year)

Inspo: crazy, but drunk, cat lady


lace top: Free people from forever ago

shorts: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (Macy’s I think)

shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths (Fun fact, got them for $20 at Plato’s Closet brand new)

socks: uh my brothers nike socks I believe

headband: target for a buck


I can’t verify that everyone has a best friend as amazing as I do. We met freshman year, and both, for some odd reason, were under the assumption that we hated each other. Luckily, the two of us warmed up and began stalking random people in our highschool during lunch breaks- needless to say, we’re both fucking weird and happen to look eerily similar.

Since parting ways in college, we only managed to see each other during breaks up until this semester. I was lucky enough to visit her at Denison University and kick major ass on the soccer team, making the winning goal in a tight match with an unadvised headshot due to a pretty bad black eye earned in her last game. Since then, she’s won player of the year or something mediocre like that… psh.

Anyway, before a night of Taco Dans, hilarious dance moves, defaming the losing team’s name in a chant, and papa john’s while watching Children of the Corn, I did my best to match her black eye with some black and purple eyeshadow. Can’t wait to visit in the spring. xoxo

Style Inspo: My best friend


Who is who?!? (I’m on right)

shoes: v old Doc Martens

romper: Erg, my sister’s friend’s

choker: forever 21, probs

chicken: lord knows


Went in November to see the all blacks from NZ with my study abroad friends (went to NZ) to Chicago. We ate a lot of pizza, got scared of Indiana, and idk, saw a rugby game! Unfortunately, the all blacks lost against Ireland, but I’m Irish okay and some Irish dudes bought me a jäger bomb at the club yesterday. So uh, go Ireland! And fuck you malakai Fekitoa!!!

Style inspo: doing it like I like to do it (added the pic with my Irish friends, they thought I was crazy)


Jacket: forever 21 but found at a thrift

Slip dress: urban outfitters

Sneaks: Stan smiths- platos closet Yas

Choker: forever 21

Making my mark at mediocre music fests

Firefly? Let’s just say that if you love overcrowding, excessively drunk frat boys, and overpriced everything, Firefly Music Festival is the fest for you! As a music fest junkie, I’ve become jaded towards these big name festivals and have found myself drifting towards the smaller, weirder fests. Additionally, the outfit scene at firefly is completely boring. When I went this year with some friends, I stuck out like a sore thumb in my weird ass gems and pigtails. But whatever, I had fun!

Syle Inspo: Wanna be fairy/ apparently Miley Cyrus

(Pictured two of my most memorable looks/ only pics I actually got)img_4452img_4493

Photo 1:

Kimono: Forever 21

Backpack: My mommy

Top: Roxy? From NZ?

Shorts: American Eagle

Necklace: Egypt from my uncle

Photo 2:

Choker: Forever 21

Shirt: Target

Bathing Suit Bottom: Walmart


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