Flume[doom] sparkles

Over the summer, I had the pleasure to see a Flume show at Stage AE with some frands in Pittsburgh. I started the day out by piercing my cartridge (now infected and gone) and sunbathing in the backyard with some sweet, boxed wine. When it was time to bounce, I was a little tipsy and transformed into a futuristic lady with glitter, rhinestones, and a silver bodysuit- oh and my favorite pink glasses that I managed to lose later in the evening. Wahhh.

On my way to my friends I copped some summer shandy, sipped it generously, and hopped in an uber to a pretty weird, sweaty night dressed like a motherfuckin alien.

Pro tip- wear sneakers/tennis shoes/whatever you call em for maximum dance ability.

Inspo: an intergalactic alien babe that makes crop circles and stole some farm girl’s shorts (shorts not pictured, but they were def interesting). But feel free to make fun of my weird as fak face.


bodysuit: american apparel

choker: forever 21


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