Whose Black Eye is Real?

I can’t verify that everyone has a best friend as amazing as I do. We met freshman year, and both, for some odd reason, were under the assumption that we hated each other. Luckily, the two of us warmed up and began stalking random people in our highschool during lunch breaks- needless to say, we’re both fucking weird and happen to look eerily similar.

Since parting ways in college, we only managed to see each other during breaks up until this semester. I was lucky enough to visit her at Denison University and kick major ass on the soccer team, making the winning goal in a tight match with an unadvised headshot due to a pretty bad black eye earned in her last game. Since then, she’s won player of the year or something mediocre like that… psh.

Anyway, before a night of Taco Dans, hilarious dance moves, defaming the losing team’s name in a chant, and papa john’s while watching Children of the Corn, I did my best to match her black eye with some black and purple eyeshadow. Can’t wait to visit in the spring. xoxo

Style Inspo: My best friend


Who is who?!? (I’m on right)

shoes: v old Doc Martens

romper: Erg, my sister’s friend’s

choker: forever 21, probs

chicken: lord knows



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