Sorry for the double post, but my throwback outfit post that I put up last night didn’t go through (thanks WordPress app, 2 stars 4 u). But here is my New Years Eve outfit.

Some friends and I forked up the $100 dollars for a NYE ticket to Fieldhouse in Philly. After taking the train into center city, I hopped straight to the open bar for a Jack and Diet Coke- my drink of the night despite the fact that whiskey turns me into some overconfident psychopath. Unfortunately, the bar used disposable plastic cups, which drunk me (and, evidently, sober me) found appalling. I begged the one bartender to keep refilling my cup instead of using a new one, which I think he appreciated given that whenever I’d come back, he’d remember my order and smile while shaking his head. Of course this cup scandal led me to preach to everyone in the bar how problematic the large amount of wasted plastic was on the environment. Maybe I made a difference, maybe I was annoying, perhaps we’ll never know.

The combo of the NYE excitement, too much Jack Daniels, DJ ‘Rek’d (fuck you for not playing my request), and my eye sparkles lead to an unforgettable night of awful dancing, awkwardly hitting on boys/ awkwardly walking away, and Wawa mac and cheese GOD DAMN! Anyway, the night was topped off with some girl telling me that it was “so cool that I’d wear comfy sneakers that totally looked awful with my dress” and some creepy old guy on the train scolding my friend to fix her shirt. Happy 2017, yall, hope the beginning of your new year was just as weird as mine!

Style Inspo: New Years sparkly un-chic, with comfy, unmatching shoes (I GUESS)


Not pictured: the globs of glitter on my face (iPhone cameras)

Dress: Brandy Melville- PacSun

Lace Shirt: Free People

Shoes: Stan Smiths- Adidas (but found at Plato’s Closet!)

Socks: Nike- My brother’s closet

Choker- Not sure the brand, but bought from my sister at the Daisy Collective in Scranton, PA.

Purple Lipstick: Katy Kat Matte- Cosmo Kitty, Target

Drink: Jack and diet coke (don’t usually drink diet but too much sugar and alc makes me vom)

Friend: Caroline


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