Honoring MLK Day

mlkI could always write about fashion, or at least what I don’t quite get about fashion. I could always take photos of my most recent outfit- an outfit that might not be glamorous or trendy to my peers- with my iPhone. My comfort is constant. I’m broke in the sense that I’m a college student, yes, but again, I’m a college student. My resources are abundant, I’m extremely lucky. I’m also extremely privileged.

Sure, I’m a woman. I have to endure sexism on a day to day basis, most of which is mild- I can’t show my nips on Instagram. But I’m privileged. I can walk into stores without employees scanning my every move for shoplifting; I’m confident that if a police officer pulls me over for reckless driving, I won’t be shot; I’m comfortable walking in public places without the constant threat of being judged for my skin color. When I get a job, I might be payed less than my male counterparts for equal amounts of work, but not as probably not as little as a black woman with my same job. And when I achieve something, people won’t accuse me of receiving handouts.

As a white ally lucky enough to be receiving a college education at a reputable university, it’s my duty to utilize my privilege in a way that benefits the wellbeing of others, that puts a stop to racism, prejudices, and hate. I have a voice, and I intend to use it.

So instead of spending today, Martin Luther King junior day, to blog about how I find fashion trends weird, I’ve decided to dedicate this Monday’s post to recommendations of some fantastic pieces composed by black artists.


I obviously missed out on a lot- I’m including the pieces that I’ve come across this past year- please, please feel free to comment with more recommendations!



Bad Feminist – Roxane Gay

My President was Black– Ta-Nehisi Coates

Between the World and Me– Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Fire Next Time– James Baldwin





A Seat at the Table– Solange

The Revolution Will not be Televised– Gil Scott-Heron (song)

We Got it from Here… Thank You 4 your Service–  A Tribe Called Quest

Freetown Sound– Blood Orange


Film (I don’t watch too much television)

Selma– Ava Duvernay

Other Cool Things

The Superhero Photographs of the Black Lives Matter MovementTeju Cole

Also, to keep some of the theme, I should probably look into more black designers/clothing brands, but in the meantime, here’s a list from Blavity.com:

18 Black Modern Clothes Designers You Should Know About



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