Tequila fashion

This past weekend we celebrated the 22 birthday of my oh-so-dear, cheesy-dan sandwich partner that loves Miley Cyrus and dancing on the reg/ ramen noodle connoisseur friend, Kelly! Woo. Naturally we went to a bar called Tequila Cowboy that specializes in special mix of Black Eyed Peas and modern country. Perhaps my aesthetic that strays further into the lands that country boys and girls dare not venture (for their own good) didn’t fit in well with the theme, but that didn’t stop this cowgirl from getting down and dirty.

Inspiration: A Pink, Punk, Mountain Climbing, Cruella Deville.

(Also, shout out to my sister for these damn awkward photos of me)


bodysuit: American Apparel (silver not online 😦 )

shoes: Urban Outfitters from forevs ago

jeans: American Eagle (similar)

jacket: Me mum

flannel: some Bass outlet store by my house


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