Disatrous Misses? More Like Accomplished Scores

Award shows seem to be anything but that. An overblown marketing event that’s become the foreground for racism- #oscarssowhite- and sexism, see below. Although these events are supposedly meant to celebrate accomplishments, they’ve become a fashion event for magazines and celebrity personnel to critique the actresses styles. This morning, while scrolling through my snapchat, I came across Daily Mail UK’s snap editorial discussing some of the female attendees outfits: “Good and bad choices- From fashion hits to disastrous misses… all the red carpet glamour from the star-studded event”

I took the initiative to recaption some of the “disastrous misses” that Daily Mail UK originally posted. Here are some more accurate ones:

Ashley Greene, in my opinion, looked cool as fuck. Fun ashleyfact, Ashley grew up super ambitious and graduated high school early and moved to Los Angeles to act where she copped the role of Stephanie Meyer’s best character, Alice. Smart, ambitious, talented- far from just a girl in an unraveling dress, thanks.








Okay I think the only “floral nightmare” I’ve ever heard of was when Dorothy and her clan got messed up on some poppies on their way to Oz. Anyway, the beautiful display of fashion put on by these ladies is like a Bergdorf Goodman display featuring the actors that taught us how to be moral people through the iconic television show, Full House. Oh, and the new Netflix hit, fuller house. No wonder why Netflix had a groundbreaking year.

karinaDaily Mail, are we seriously so worried about Karina Smirnoff’s figure when she’s one of the world’s best ballroom dancers in the world right now? Not only does she kill it on Dancing with the Stars, but she’s also a world champion ballroom dancer at the U.S. Open, Asia Open and Dutch Open. Additionally, she holds two degrees from Fordham University. Karina deserves more.






First, this dress is awesome and Peyton’s look is beyond confident. At 18, the girl already has a film resume that proves her ability as an actress to look out for. Hope eye-watering means tears of jealousy, Daily Mail.






I’d like to preface this by exclaiming how disgusted I am with the fact that a 16 year old girl, who’s barely even learned who she is yet, and who’s already in the limelight, is being criticized for her looks. A sophomore in highschool, Yara’s accomplishments and future plans outlines her brightness and ambitions. She’s clearly going somewhere- her “mature-looking dress” shows us just that. A need for a “youthful flair” is sexist and derogatory to her being as a respected actress.

Again, picking chandleron 16 year old girls is beyond problematic. By judging them for their looks-
you’re only proving the idea that even tho they are 16 and successful, they are women- and therefore they exist for our eyes. Chandler Kinney has already landed roles in successful productions such as Lethal Weapon and Battlefield America. Let’s focus on these feats.






“Her cleavage was squashed in her dress”- okay? First off, this girl is so cool. She’s self
branded and self produced via Youtube and has millions of followers. I can’t even get 20 on this blog. The amount of hard work and creativity Lilly must have put into her brand is beyond me, not to mention the horrifying comments and trolls that must have flooded her sphere constantly. Go you Lilly, your cleavage is hot.

(All photos screengrabs of Daily Mail UK’s snapchat)


2 thoughts on “Disatrous Misses? More Like Accomplished Scores

  1. Absolutely Olivia 💙 says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I feel the same way when scrolling through the “disastrous” outfits. What about their accomplishments? Their changes to rhe world? But honestly if we are talking outfits I would kill to be in any of those dresses😂

    Liked by 1 person

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