On being political…


I’m not quite sure what people mean when they say they don’t want to be “political”? Perhaps they’re trying not to get entangled in some sort of public discourse that involves talking about the course of legislation and potential bills. Perhaps they don’t want to scare away those that might disagree with their opinions and thoughts. I, however, am quite obviously not this way.

A senior in college, I’m constantly on the lookout for careers. Quite often, I’ll use my sites, including this one, as examples of my work and of my capabilities. Perhaps it would be in my best interest to abstain from touchy topics including our newest president and his plans for my country. But, see, by doing that, I’m failing myself. I’m failing to use my voice, that reaches numerous people on a day to day bases, to share my experience, and to share my thoughts. I try to act as a role model for those who read my work. My goal is to inspire people, and to enact this goal with complacency, I would surely fail. Abstaining from voicing my political opinions is not something I plan on doing, even if it costs me viewership and even potential jobs.

Today, Donald Trump was inaugurated. Today, instead of using my platform to discuss fashion or food or whatever, I’d like to reach out to all of America that is feeling the pain of a failed system, of a dangerous system, and of a hateful system. I understand your emotion. As an advocate for progression against injustice, I will not be quiet.

If a man who used hate, racism, sexism, and xenophobia to become the representative of one of the most powerful countries in the world, then I, a writer, can use my voice, regardless of how small, to boast that this man does not represent me.

For the next four years, expect to hear more from me. This fight isn’t over. If anyone is suffering and wants their voice heard, I encourage you to reach out to me. I’d be thrilled to publish any pieces of art, photography, writing, poetry, etc. to this site. Check out my contact box.


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