An Update and a Cat Story

IMG_7250Hello everyone!

Today is Saturday March 25, it’s about 70 degrees or so in Pittsburgh and I am feeling goooooooood. Well, at least okay.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sort of MIA for the past few weeks due to some issues/schoolwork/existential stress. But, I’m starting to sort things out and get my life back together.

I thought I’d share a funny story, that really is quite random, but here me out:

My bedroom window is on the first floor of my house and there’s a large window that faces the backyard. My bed is situated parallel to the window, allowing me to sit up and slide open the window whenever I feel like it.

So our next door neighbors, with whom we share a backyard separated only by a fence, own two cats that spend their days carousing the neighborhood. Being the cat lady I am, I managed to befriend these felines and they, every so often, pop into my bedroom window for a quick hello. Really cute, really.

Anyway, around 10 pm last night, I was sitting on my bed, reading a book, and just feeling kind of bummed, when one of the cats pops up to my window. I was so excited to say hello and receive some kitty love when the thing jumps away, leaving nothing but a smelly cat fart.

Perhaps we can take two morals of this story:

  1. Never, ever, trust a cat
  2. Life is not to be taken seriously.

Thanks for reading guys.




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