Party Girls Don’t Get Hurt…


Actually this one has pretty bad tendinitis….

The weather in Pittsburgh is finally getting to the point where the air doesn’t make attempts to slap you in the face with a 12 degree windchill. Does that mean I’m enjoying the great outdoors? ehhh, I’m trying.

This weekend was marked by the 22 birthday of a dear friend who didn’t end up going out due to a cold. But the rest of us celebrated with her.

Saturday night consisted of leaving at 10, getting bored, coming back at 11:30, attempting to throw footballs, buying a sandwich, eating it, going back out, dancing, coming back, sleeping.

I had a very trippy dream where Pitt’s nuclear energy center leaked, a la Chernobyl. I was the only one who had realized this and I ran, but the radiation made it difficult and tiring. I made it to my friends car, drove away, warned some joggers about the leak on the way, and then pulled out my phone to FaceTime the friend whose car I just stole. But as she opened the Face time, I noticed that she was walking with me in the camera- but me from another dimension? Because I wasn’t existing in that dimension but in another, and I managed to cross dimensions and basically contact myself.

I guess this is what pink wine does to dreams? k

Anyway, photographed above is my Saturday night outfit contrasted with my Sunday morning outfit that I wore to meet my mother.

Go college!


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