Cool People, Cool Thoughts 4/14/2017: Me!


Hi everyone,

I haven’t been as active on this sit in a while due to life, and school, and being busy. Luckily, I’m back and better than ever! Since I haven’t been around, and since I’ve never said much about myself, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you all know a little bit more about me.

I started this blog a few months ago out of curiosity and a want to express myself creativity through an outlet that I wasn’t that familiar with: fashion. I’ve always had issues with the “fashion world” because I’ve always found it inhibiting. What we wear often forces us to feel differently about ourselves. Numerous times I’ve been in situations where I’ve felt insecure because of what I was wearing. As someone who has struggled with image for a good part of my life, fashion often times not only made me feel inferior, but it also took away precious time that I could have been using to become the best version of myself. Instead, I wasted this time obsessing over what I should buy next that would make me cooler and more attractive.

Luckily, with the help of great people and my own journey of self love, I’m able to focus on things other than my appearance. Because I’m able to reflect on my past as somewhat of an outsider, I thought it would be a fun journey to explore fashion and what it does to people and what it can do for people. Thus, Eff Fashion was born to explore people’s quirks, insecurities, creative thoughts, and inspirations.

That being said, here’s a little bit about myself. My name is Julia and I’m a senior, and a soon to be graduate, of the University of Pittsburgh! If anyone needs an employee, I’m your girl by the way. My favorite creative outlet is writing, mostly nonfiction, but I’m also trying to learn photography, graphic design (check out all of my Photoshop experiments on this page) and even web design- perhaps this site will be all  by me someday! 9/10 times I’m a vegan except for the weekends when I get a Cheesy Dan sandwich from the place up the street after too much beer. I also find it very, very difficult to say no to pizza. We’re not all perfect. I’m also a runner who’s currently struggling with Achilles tendinitis and it’s making me want to cry every day. My favorite author right now is Maggie Nelson and my favorite fruit is watermelon. I’m allergic to Pinnacle and my drink of choice is always Jack Daniels, or Guinness, or Jameson. I love dancing to fun music and actually aspire to be a DJ someday. I really love Grimes and Odesza and Flume and Kanye West and anything fun.

Some of the many things that inspire me include music, outer space, glitter, and cats.

Thanks for reading and see you all again soon!



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