(Why to) Wear what makes your mother happy



Moms are oftentimes the most important people in our lives. They grew us inside of their own BODIES for about 9 months and then continued to foster our growth outside of their bodies. But inside and outside of them, they fostered an image of us in their mind of their own subjective idea of perfection. Whether it be athletic, smart, beautiful, creative- moms create this image the second they find out that we will exist. As they raise us, they push this image onto us, usually because they want us to be the best and have the best. It’s called love.

My mother and I are both the same and different. We’re the same because we are both stubborn, creative, and strong, different because she’s very outgoing and talkative and I’m more introverted. But, the one thing that we can’t possibly disagree more on is clothing. Her style is very preppy, plaid, J Crew/Vineyard Vines, pastel while mine is… you know. Usually this difference in style doesn’t lead to many relationship complications. However, for important occasions like formals, proms, and even events like banquets or dinners, our ideas of “what looks good” often collide and we have arguments.

I can often see where she’s coming from. She wants me to look the best I could look and in her eyes, that’s me some bright pink and green Lily Pulitzer dress with a big ass bow on the front. To her this is stylish, but to me… not so much.

Because we’re both extremely stubborn, our “what I should wear” battles often ended up in her not speaking to me and me crying. But as I began to get older, I began to realize how important it was to my mom that I look good. I was hers. Me looking good made her happy. Obviously my looks weren’t the most important facet in her eyes, but she saw me as beautiful and wanted to see me in clothes that she also thought were beautiful, even if I saw them as ugly. Unfortunately, she’s always been too stubborn to take into account the clothes that make me feel beautiful.

At 21 years old, I think we’ve finally started to compromise. She knows when to back off and let me wear what I want to wear, and I’ve learned to wear some of the things that she wanted to wear. For my graduation, she went out of her way to buy me an expensive dress that I probably wouldn’t have picked out myself. After all of the time, energy, and resources that she spent on putting me through college, the least I could do was wear the dress that she picked out for me and not fight with her.

All in all, it’s important to understand that moms want the best for us, even if it involves funky clothing. So love them and sometimes wear what’s out of your comfort zone for them. It’s all for love.


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