because fashion sucks…

… but it doesn’t have to

Fashion is outdated and trends are boring. Our clothing provides a basis for others to judge our personalities- we can either give in or have fun. I choose to have fun.

Here’s to wearing sneaks with fancy dresses, ugly patterns, and too-short skirts. Here’s to refusing to wear pumps, overdoing the glitter, and wearing makeshift cat ears. Fashion doesn’t have to be decided by socialites like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, by high fashion publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar; nor does it have to be a contest of who looks the best. Clothing is one of the purest and most unique forms of art- it has the ability to represent the person underneath the clothing and accessories wherever they go. However, due to body politics and the overall distaste for anything not brand-name, many feel alienated from the fashion world. In an era that is filled with so much creativity and magic, I don’t think that any person’s disposition should ever limit how they feel in their clothing. Therefore, I think it’s time we regroup. So, here’s to reimagining the meaning of fashion and of style, tailoring it to our own weird selves, and feeling great no matter what.